Stan Anderson’s Camp Shutout July 22 @3:00 PM - Friday, July 27 @8:00 PM ​2018 in Stevens Point

All inclusive 1-week Goalkeeper camp

Camp dates: Sunday, July 22 @3:00 PM - Friday, July 27 @8:00 PM ​2018 in Stevens Point. 

2 options available. Youth or Advanced.

Youth: Stan Anderson’s Camp Shutout is designed for the youth keeper…these keepers will be instructed by our top flight staff and will intermingle with the advanced keepers at various times during the week. Age: 10 – 13 (up through entering 8th grade)

Advanced: Whether you are entering your first year of high school or your first year of college, this camp will help you attain your potential. The Advanced Sessions will teach the fundamental techniques at a quicker pace than Camp Shutout, thus allowing more time for advanced skills like those necessary at the high school, collegiate and professional levels. If you are a high school goalkeeper and are serious about goalkeeping, Camp Shutout The Advanced Sessions is the camp for you! Age: 14-22 (incoming high school and college age)

 $899-999 includes 1-week room and board. More Information and Registration .